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Google Flights Now Ready For Take-Off In Australia

Google have officially launched their Google Flights service for Australian users.

The feature, available via google.com.au/flights, allows users to easily compare and book flights. Google searches framed as terms like ‘Flights to New Zealand’ will also pull up the feature.

In a blog post, the company says that “Whether you’re traveling from Wollongong to WA, or Tullamarine to Townsville, Google Flights will give you travel inspiration and surface the best available flight options.”

There’s even a unique ‘Explore’ button that will recommend holiday destinations based on the timing, duration and budget of your next vacation.

“Whether you’re ticking off your bucket list or taking a quick business trip, our goal is to help you find the best flight with confidence so you can plan, book and take off in a couple of clicks,” they say.

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