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Google Could Be Brought To Its Knees With Yet Another Antitrust Lawsuit

Google is facing yet another landmark antitrust lawsuit only weeks after it was sued by the US Department of Justice over its search engine monopoly.

The tech giant will be dragged to court a second time after it was revealed a bipartisan group of US states will file another suit next month, which will call for a broader enquiry into Google’s business practises.

The coalition of states comprises Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah – sometimes known as the Colorado/Nebraska group – and it intends to combine its case with the federal government’s antitrust lawsuit.

The Colorado/Nebraska’s suit will be a broader investigation, which contrasts the DoJ’s more narrow complaint about search engine dominance.

According to Reuters, the group intends to file the suit by mid-December.

The Department of Justice (DoJ) sued Google earlier this month, accusing it of abusing its monopoly power to block out rivals and limit consumer choice by paying companies such as Apple and Samsung to feature its browser.

The DoJ sued Alphabet Inc’s Google for $1 trillion, making it one of the biggest challenges of Google’s power and influence in decades.

In a statement about the ongoing lawsuit, Google described the filing as a “dubious complaint” that is “deeply flawed”.

“Today’s lawsuit by the Department of Justice is deeply flawed. People use Google because they choose to, not because they’re forced to, or because they can’t find alternatives,” Kent Walker, SVP of Global Affairs at Google, wrote in a blogpost.

“This lawsuit would do nothing to help consumers. To the contrary, it would artificially prop up lower-quality search alternatives, raise phone prices, and make it harder for people to get the search services they want to use.”

Google has not yet commented on the second antitrust lawsuit.

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