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Google Boss Shacked Up On Island Close To OZ During COVID Pandemic

Larry Page, the secretive co-founder of Google has been sprung living on an Island just a few hours flight time from Australia.

Apparently, the ultra-wealthy can circumvent COVID-19 travel restrictions to shack up on a tropical Fiji Island

According to sources Page was so concerned by the risk of the disease spreading to Tavarua island, which lies west of the main Fijian island where Page has taken to Hydro foiling a kind of surfing where the board is elevated above the water.

On July 4th Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was seen hydro foiling with a US flag.

Page, who’s the world’s sixth-wealthiest person with a net worth of $117 billion, entered the country early last year according to sources along with his wife Lucinda.

Page has also been spotted on the smaller Namotu, Insider reported, and there’s speculation among locals that he’s bought that island or another in the archipelago.

Fiji closed its borders during the pandemic, but through the country’s “Blue Lane” initiative, superyacht and private jet owners can enter with minimal restrictions.

Fijian authorities have helped Page keep his presence on the islands private, the report said.

On June 19, as Fiji was hit by a second wave of COVID-19 cases, Fijian Broadcasting Company News reported that Page had donated medical supplies to the country despatching his private jet back to the USA to pick up COVID vaccinations.

But a few days later, the story disappeared. Fijian health authorities asked the network to take the article down, saying the information should not be public, Insider reported, citing a person familiar with the matter.

The hibernation to Fiji has not stopped the US business executive from still taking an active interest in business issues.

Last week a US federal judge in San Francisco rejected air taxi start up Wisk Aero’ request for a preliminary injunction against rival Archer Aviation. Wisk Aero is a Larry Page start up.

Wisk Aero, backed by Boeing and Google co-founder Larry Page’s company Kitty Hawk, wanted to keep its rival Archer from using any of the trade secrets it alleges were stolen.

In his ruling filed on Thursday, US District Court Judge William Orrick wrote that “Wisk has not shown a likelihood of success on the merits that defendant Archer Aviation has misappropriated its particular asserted trade secrets.”

However, the judge also acknowledged that there were “some arguable indications of misappropriation.”

Archer took the opportunity to blast Wisk.

One of the engineers Wisk accuses of stealing secrets is Jing Xue, who allegedly downloaded thousands of files before defecting to Archer.

Xue denied having stolen secrets in an earlier Archer filing — but took the Fifth when Wisk asked him to testify under oath “because of a pending federal investigation,” according to last week’s filing.

Despite his place among the wealthiest in the world and his commanding major sway over one of the most powerful companies, Page has largely avoided the public eye since he and co-founder Sergey Brin stepped away from Google and parent Alphabet in 2019.

Both Page and Brin remain on the board of Alphabet. And through special voting stock, the duo could at any time overrule management and impose their will on the company.


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