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Google Assistant’s New ‘Voice Match’ Can Recognise Individual Users

Google Assistant has added a new, slightly creepy feature – Voice Match – which can recognise your voice in order to give you a more personalised service.

Voice Match can identify up to six individual user profiles, useful if you live in a household, and provide more personal assistance, such as providing calendar reminders or traffic updates for your commute to work.

Once Voice Match has been set up, Google Assistant will not respond with your personal results to a voice that it doesn’t recognise as yours. ‘Personal results’ refers to things like sending an email from your account, making a payment, or viewing your calendar.

Voice Match can even be used to personalise your music and video suggestions, linking together your voice and your media history.

Google Nest Mini

Alongside Voice Match, Google is rolling out a new feature that allows users to adjust the responsiveness of the Google Assistant hot-word “Hey Google” on smart speakers and smart displays. Users will see this new setting in their Google Home app over coming weeks.

In addition, within the Google Home app users will be able to pick preferred speakers, a useful feature for those with multiple smart speaker devices. Fox example, you would be able to tell your Google Nest Mini in the kitchen that you want to play music, and it would play it from your primary speaker in the living room.

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