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Google Android 10 Go Edition Boost Entry-Level Devices

Google has released Android 10 (Go Edition), its entry-level device operating system that delivers a 10% speed increase to load times and a new encryption tool.

Aimed at devices with lower specifications than more traditional smartphones like the Google Pixel, Android 10 (Go Edition) is compatible with devices with RAM as low as 1.5GB.

The new encryption tool Adiantum secures your device’s data without affecting performance or battery life as it does not use cryptographic acceleration.

There are even ‘Go’ versions of popular apps available for the new software update, like Youtube and Google Maps.

The ‘Go’ versions are half the size of regular apps, giving users roughly twice the amount of storage.

Designed to be more efficient for lower-tier devices with lighter updates and smaller download sizes.

Currently, over 500 manufacturers have launched more than 1600 Android (GO Edition) devices in over 180 countries.

Nokia and Alcatel are some of the brands in Australia that will run the Android 10 (Go Edition) operating system when it is released later this year.

Alongside this update for low-tier phones is the addition of the Google Assistant on more Chromebooks.

The latest ChromeOS version brings the Google Assistant to specific Chromebook models.

However the assistant may not be enabled by default, so you’ll need to dive into your settings if your device is compatible.

Plus in collaboration news, Apple Music adds Chromecast on Android this week, allowing users to cast Apple Music to the Google Chromecast.

Apple Music has also included support for Android Auto, Google’s version of CarPlay, which allows users to access apps on your car’s dashboard via an Android phone.


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