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Google Pulls The Plug On Android Tablet

Google who has been investing millions with Australian retailers and on local advertising for their new Google Voice offering ahead of the launch of Amazon Alexa has quietly over the holiday period pulled the plug on their Pixel C Android tablet offering.

The big US search Company who is also struggling to get traction in the smartphone market after buying into HTC smartphone research capability, has removed all reference to their tablet offering from their website according to Android Police.

All Google had to say about their holiday period exit was “As is common when a device has been out for a few years, we’re now retiring Pixel C and it is no longer available for sale. However, we are committed to updating and supporting it, including the recent update to Android 8.0, so customers can continue to get the best out of their device. Our newly launched Google Pixelbook combines the best parts of a laptop and a tablet for those looking for a versatile device”.

The Pixel C was a device meant to show that Android could run well on certain processors and that the Android tablet ecosystem could be resuscitated.

In reality the device was a disaster and failed across several fronts.

The Pixel C did eventually pick up one of the very basic features you’d expect from a modern tablet — split-screen multitasking. But it was far too little, far too late — and Android apps still are not very good on tablet-sized screens.

The tablet spent the last few months of its life as the target of cheap shots about how odd it was that Google was selling a two-year-old tablet for full price in a world that has given up on professional Android tablets.

In killing the device over the Xmas New Year period Google was hoping that their actions would go unnoticed with the URL for the Pixel C now pointing to the Pixelbook.

Observers claim that ChromeOS has definitively taken over the place that Google once hoped Android tablets could occupy.

Chromebooks can run Android apps in windowed mode, they have a better web browser, and a lot of them are cheaper than what the Pixel C was selling for.

At CES Google is set to make several announcements on new products.

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