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Samsung Facing New Galxy 8 Battery Problem, Device Bricked

Samsung has admitted that they have a new battery problem, this time with their Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The problem emerged when several owners discovered that their thousand dollars plus handset was suddenly bricked once they reached 0% charge.

Samsung German acknowledged the problem claiming that they are “taking the reports seriously”.

Irate Note 8 owners took to the firm’s support forums to report the issue, which left them unable to recharge the phone once the battery had drained.

Samsung hasn’t gone into any detail on what might be causing the issues or what it intends to do about it, nor have they promised a software update that could rectify the issue.

What’s not known is whether there is a new hardware problem similar to the Samsung 7.

Many of those affected by the issue have been issued refurbished replacement devices as opposed to brand new models.

Trusted Reviews said that the company will be desperate to avoid a repeat of last year’s Note 7 calamity, which led to the recall of millions of smartphones.

This year’s issue, appears to be less prominent and it’s certainly less dangerous than the Note 7’s exploding batteries.

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