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Mwave First With Mobile IT Reseller Site

Mwave First With Mobile IT Reseller Site

Australian IT resellers are still serving desktop sites to mobile users, despite a new wave of mobile friendly sites have started in earnest with the release of the iPhone in 2007.
Somewhat surprisingly, Mwave has announced it is “the first and only IT reseller to have a mobile site in Australia”, having soft-launched in April. 
A quick check of competing IT reseller sites from MSY, Scorptec, i-Tech, TechBuy and several others shows the claim to be true, although IT retailers such as Dick Smith, Officeworks, Harvey Norman and JB HiFi have all had mobile sites for quite some time. 
Mwave pokes fun at its IT reseller competitors, asking the question “Can anyone guess which industry would be first to have the most advanced technological set up to enhance their performance?” and listing three possible answers, IT, Retail and Sports, noting that it’s not the IT sector, but without providing the actual answer.   

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Mwave’s mobile site as seen on an iPhone 5S

The company boasts of moving ahead of its competitors “yet again”, and quotes Mashable.com report from 2012 stating purchases from mobile devices in the US hit $6.7 billion that year, with the figure forecast to reach US $31 billion by 2015. 

Noting that “retailers have a responsibility to keep up in providing more advance services if they want to make an impression, let alone survive”, Mwave points to mobile shopping becoming an integral part of society. 
Mwave hopes its mobile site will help it capture “the next wave of growth by using technology to connect with a larger audience”. 
Since the launch of its mobile site in April, Mwave says it has “experienced a boost of 16% in sales from the mobile site and a total revenue growth of 36% in Q2 2014 vs. Q2 2013.”