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Gerry Harvey Has Another Bout Of Verbal Diarrhea Bought On By Albanese Government Budget

Harvey Norman Chairman Gerry Harvey has had another bout of verbal Diarrhea with his latest attack bought on by the actions of the Albanese Government whose latest budget he has described as “totally irresponsible”.

Responding to questions about Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers latest budget, he said that he is going to boycott the Labor Party over their latest policies that resulted in shares in Harvey Norman falling today to $4.36 down 1.58%, JB Hi-Fi rose 0.28% to $58.39%.

Harvey accused the Albanese government of using the Budget to play politics instead of addressing the underlying causes of the cost-of-living crisis and housing shortage.

“You just got to realise that there’s a lot of bulls*** that goes on in this world and you should take it with a grain of salt. It doesn’t matter which party you’re talking about – they’re just playing politics,” Harvey told Melbourne’s Herald Sun.

Several organisations have come out today for using the Budget to play politics instead of providing Australians with any relief or a means for inflation to be reduced with some speculating that Australia could face another rate rise with so much money going into the economy.

Federal Treasurer Jim Chalmers has promised every Australian household a $300 one-time payment towards their energy bills.

One million small businesses will also receive $325 off their bills.

Harvey claims that this is simply a case of giving the money to power companies.

Gerry Harvey claims that his power bills had doubled in the past two years as the government pushed renewable energy, and he did not expect any Budget measure would alleviate soaring prices.

“When I look at what it costs me now to run my warehouses as opposed to a couple of years ago, it’s 100 per cent more. Anything you do at the moment in development costs is just so high and the government is not doing anything to reduce that.”

Does your home need the $300 energy rebate? He questioned.

No – give the money to people who need it more, he claims.

“The budget won’t make a bloody difference because we’re playing politics,” he said.

One angry Aussie called out the Prime Minister directly, telling him the money was of no help to those who cannot afford to pay soaring rents or increasing mortgage interest.

Another wrote.

‘Hey Anthony Albanese, thanks for knocking $300 off my energy bill. ‘The only problem is I don’t have a f***ing energy bill because I can’t afford to live anywhere.’

Economist and budget expert Chris Richardson said the budget would “poke the inflationary bear” because there was too much front-loaded new spending.

“So this budget narrows the Reserve Bank’s already narrow path,” Richardson said.

But the Business Council of Australia singled out “some positive steps towards making Australia more globally competitive”.

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