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Dyson Unveils Its First Dedicated Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner

This week, Dyson has revealed its first dedicated hard floor cleaner, the Dyson WashG1.

But, when compared to its competitors, such as Tineco, this device reportedly comes with a few features that make it stand out.

The company entered the hard floor cleaning market with its V15s Detect Submarine, launched in July last year. It came with an added floor cleaning attachment for the V15 vacuum cleaner, but it had a limited cleaning range, and most solids had to be vacuumed prior to the cleaning.

The new WashG1 does it all, mopping and collecting large debris simultaneously.

For this device, Dyson uses a combination of water and soft rollers, and has a 1L clean-water tank, which can have detergent added to it.

Water is then automatically dispensed onto the dual microfibre rollers.

There are three available water modes, low, medium, and high. The higher modes are suitable for deeper stains.

Additionally, it comes with a boost mode function that uses the maximum amount of hydration for stubborn stains.

One single tank of water is able to cover up to 290 square meters of floor, suitable for the average home.

The water modes only affect the hydration level, not the spin speed of the rollers. This means battery life stays consistent, lasting 35 minutes. The remaining battery life appears on the cleaner’s LCD screen.

Additionally, the rollers counter-rotate and can clean in either direction.

The floor head comes with a debris tray, which has a 500-micron mesh that separates dirty water from large debris. It can be removed and cleaned, with solids able to be tipped into a bin.

Dirty water gets separated and dumped into the 0.8L dirty tank, with one full clean tank roughly equalling one full dirty tank.

When a clean has finished, this device has an automated washing routine, cleaning the rollers with fresh water. Rollers will then need to be removed to air dry as there is no hot-air drying feature on the machine.

There is also no filter to clean, and the water tanks were designed with large openings, making them easy to empty and wash.

The Dyson WashG1 is expected to be available soon, with no release specified. It is also expected to retail for £599.99 (approx. A$1,139). ChannelNews has reached out for Australian pricing.

So far this year, Dyson has also announced its new augmented reality feature, the CleanTrace feature, which reveals the areas of a room that have been covered with the user’s Dyson Gen5detect cleaner, as well as the areas that have been missed.

The feature will become available for the Gen5detect system in June, with the cleaner costing A$1,599.00 on the official Dyson website.

Additionally, Dyson also unveiled its new Supersonic Nural hair dryer, and its new Supersonic hairdryer, the ‘Supersonic r.’

The Supersonic Nural was designed to protect hair and the scalp from heat and is available for A$749 on Dyson’s official website.

The Supersonic r is a tube-shaped hairdryer and will retail for U$570 (approx. A$873), targeted towards professionals.

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