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Gaming Era Over: Microsoft Ending Xbox 360 Production

It’s the end of an era for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, with Microsoft advising that it will discontinue production of the console.

The Xbox 360 has been around for a little over 10 years, with Microsoft last November marking its 10-year milestone, and in announcing the decision, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, acknowledged the impact of the console.

“Xbox 360 means a lot to everyone in Microsoft,” Spencer wrote via a blog post. “And while we’ve had an amazing run, the realities of manufacturing a product over a decade old are starting to creep up on us. Which is why we have made the decision to stop manufacturing new Xbox 360 consoles.”

Spencer advised that Microsoft will continue to sell the existing inventory of Xbox 360 consoles, with availability varying by country.

Franchises such as Gears of War “were born on the 360”, while “established blockbusters like Halo really came into their own during this console generation”, Spencer wrote.

“Xbox 360 was also the foundation for industry-leading technical innovation like Kinect, and the start of system updates and dashboard refreshes based on fan feedback,” he wrote.

“Thanks to the Xbox 360, we evolved Xbox Live from the original Xbox into the thriving online gaming community it is today.

“And the console became a beloved gaming and entertainment hub, with over 78 billion gaming hours played, nearly 486 billion Gamerscore on 27 billion achievements and over 25 billion hours spent in apps over its lifetime.”

While production has ended, Xbox 360 owners will continue to receive Xbox Live services, while Xbox One owners will be able to play available Xbox 360 games through Xbox One backward compatibility.

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