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Galaxy Note 8’s Facial Unlock Fooled By A Photo

Posted in a video to Twitter, esteemed web developer and user experience designer, Mel Tajon, discovered that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s facial unlock system can be fooled with a photo.

Samsung states the software does include a disclaimer, noting facial recognition is “less secure that pattern, PIN or password”, whilst adding that the smartphone can be unlocked by “someone or something” which appears to look like the owner.

[Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Facial Recognition Test: Mel Tajon @MelTajon]

The new reports follow previous others, where people found they were also able to beat the biometric lock on Samsung’s S8 with a photo too.

The feature provides convenience to users by scanning their face to unlock their phone, rather than utilise a fingerprint scanner or pin code.

Mr tajon confirmed that he was able to break the Note 8’s facial unlock system, using “people’s Facebook profile pics and Instagram selfies from his iPhone”.

As an increasing number of individuals have begun storing sensitive information on their smartphones, naturally security becomes key.

As a remedy, the Note 8 also lets consumers unlock the device using their iris, fingerprint or a simple passcode.

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