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Bosch Two-Zone Mixer & Amplifier

Bosch Two-Zone Mixer & Amplifier

Designed for straight-out-of-the-box use, it also features a new highly user-friendly user interface. Moreover, a variety of back panel connection points allow for true system integration and application flexibility. The mixer section has separate internal equalizers for music inputs and mic/line inputs that are easily adjusted with a simple turn of a dial.

Combined with one or more Plena amplifiers, this mixer unit gives users total freedom to create zones with high power needs and install additional amplifiers outside the control location. Available in 120 and 240 W versions, the new power amplifiers provide extra power for any Plena system application.

The ‘all-call’ call station is a practical, user-friendly call station for all zones as well as two-zone announcements. It is provided with toggle key selection and a press-to-talk feature. The two-zone call station is a more advanced unit with two zones and seven built-in chimes. Up to six call stations can be daisy-chained into the system.

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