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Foxtel Slashes Facebook Ads

The Foxtel streaming video service – jointly owned by the Murdoch media business and Telstra – is reportedly slashing its digital marketing budget with Facebook, in an apparent response to Mark Zuckerberg’s performance at last week’s grillings by the US Congress.

“Mark didn’t get into the meat of the problem,” Foxtel marketing chief Andy Lark, pictured, told The Australian, part of the Rupert Murdoch empire, which also includes a majority shareholding in Foxtel.

Lark added that a lot of Zuckerberg’s responses to questions in the Congress sessions were “trite” and “lacked authenticity. “Claiming that you don’t sell data is highly disingenuous,” he said.

Lark added that it grated with him to hear Zuckerberg claiming Facebook is “a tech company”. “No, they’re not – they’re a media company …,” he said, adding that “it’s not OK to pretend users are a product to sell.”

Lark did not spell out how much Foxtel is cutting from its Facebook advertising campaigns.

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