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Foxtel Rated Last In Consumer Value Survey

A recent consumer survey by Canstar Blue has found Foxtel ranked last among consumers when it came to pay-TV and streaming services.

The survey ranked Netflix at the top, followed by Fetch and Stan. Even Telstra’s BigPond movies was ranked above Foxtel, which came last.

Foxtel was the only pay TV service to get just three stars for “value for money” and “range of content”.

Meanwhile, Netflix was found to be the only service worth a five star rating when it came to “value for money”, “ease of sign up”, and “range of content”.

The only shortcoming that customers found with the streaming giant concerned “new release availability”.

Canstar says that “quality sports coverage is where Foxtel still has the edge over streaming sites like Netflix and Stan” but highlights the service’s inadequate online offering as a weakness.

“Foxtel Play starts at $10 a month but you’re relegated to streaming only, and content at this price is quite limited,” they said.

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