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Sennheiser Rebrands As Headphone Sales Growth Continues

Leading headphone brand Sennheiser has a whole new logo.

The German Companies decision to rebrand comes as retailers in Australia, JB Hi Fi witness strong growth from selling the company’s premium headphones.

Sennheiser said that the logo “reflects the audio specialist’s continued forward motion”.

The audio specialist will roll out the new look during 2017.

Sennheiser’s HE 1 will be the first product to feature the new logo which the company claims is an appropriate way to introduce an icon redefined: As the best headphones in the world and the successor to the legendary Orpheus, the HE 1 epitomizes the company’s innovative prowess, and is thus the perfect “brand ambassador” for introducing the new logo they added.

During the past year Sennheiser Australia, which was formed after the German company took over their local distributor Syntec, have witnessed double digit growth.

Sennheiser, who has continued to evolve over their 70 years making headphones as hundreds of competitors enter the market, is set to release a new range of products shortly.

The Company said that, since their founding as “Labor W”, to building a dynamic global brand today, they have constantly reshaped the direction of the audio industry.

“The most immediately recognizable changes will be in the evolution of the Sennheiser logo and wordmark, which will be further established as a stand-alone brand mark, making it even more recognizable” said liver Berger, Head of Global Design Management at Sennheiser.

“The characteristic ‘S’ has been enhanced to make it more eye-catching and appealing. The outline around it is less immediately noticeable, giving the letter more space to shine. Both elements now flow into a unified whole, for a clearer, cleaner appearance. In the same way, we are refreshing our wordmark with a narrower font style that improves legibility. These careful yet crucial changes keep the logo faithful to the roots of the company while also making it look more elegant, modern and confident.”

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