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Foxtel Media Tout New Channels Amid Shake-Up

Foxtel has revamped its ad sales model with the launch of ‘Foxtel Media’ (formerly MCN), also debuting four new FOX-branded entertainment channels; FOX ONE, FOX FUNNY, FOX CRIMES and FOX HITS.

The new channels will complement its existing FOX-branded entertainment and sports stable, launching on November 7, and is positioned as “unapologetically Foxtel.”

Announced at an event last night, Foxtel Media’s new advertising products seek to ‘shake up’ traditional models across digital and linear platforms.

The pay-TV provider claims the exclusive new FOX-branded channels provide Foxtel better control over its entertainment programming, and delivers better outcomes for advertisers.

Foxtel has also revamped its Lifestyle portfolio, with Arena, Lifestyle Food and Lifestyle Home relaunching on September 25 as part of a broader brand overhaul, better targeted to viewer demographics.

A refresh of Arena will also follow the new series of Australia’s Real Housewives of Melbourne.

The News Corp and Telstra owned venture recently unveiled a total refresh of its user interface, including integration of Netflix and SBS.

BBC Earth is also launching on October 10, displacing BBC Knowledge.

Foxtel Media is also upgrading its LIVE streaming capabilities across Kayo Sports, Foxtel Go and Foxtel Now, inserting digital advertising and targeted marketing.

The ad sales business claims it’s committed to investing in new products and capabilities, in addition to demonstrating metric effectiveness.

“Audiences are being presented with more choices today, which alter their viewing habits, and so it’s time for us to change the way advertising is delivered to these customers, and the subsequent outcomes that are generated for advertisers,” claims Foxtel Media CEO, Mark Frain.

“Our new suite of ad innovations further extends our ability to talk to a more receptive audience, but now with lower ad loads, which make advertising stand out more.”

“By introducing targeting to linear IP content and creating the themed and targeted short break structures on linear television, advertising on our platform becomes more impactful with greater relevance.”

After trialling on Fox Sports News, Foxtel Media will soon launch six-second ads across 15 broadcast channels.

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