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Foxtel Goes From Bad To Simply Terrible

After reporting on yet another failure of a Foxtel iQ3 set top box, I posted my story to the Foxtel Community earlier today only to have the post removed by Foxtel within hours of it going up.

My original story which can be read here generated a response from Foxtel.

In an email the Company who are looking to float in the second half of 2016 the Company asked me to resubmit my complaints so that they can “Follow up” and fix the problems associated with my original complaint.

This follows almost an hour on the phone with the pay TV Company on Saturday. (Maybe they should write notes on their customer profiles so they know exactly how complaints about poor service are being handled”.

Foxtel, who after deciding that I needed yet another Foxtel iQ3 box during my original call to the Company then sent me an engagement email, it said:

‘Allied Express will be delivering your Foxtel TV Kit between 2pm and 7pm today.

If you haven’t previously selected for the unit to be left without a signature, please ensure that someone is available to accept delivery.

To track your delivery in real time, click on http://logistics.foxtel.com.au/sik/TRACK?d=FSIK10530275&p=2088

The only problem is that like their iQ3, and their customer database it appears that Foxtel’s logistic tracking system is also stuffed with this error message appearing when one tries to search for the tracking information.
In addition and after five attempts to find my identity on Saturday, and above all my Foxtel account on the Companies database, an account which I have had for more than 20 years I got this email from Foxtel three days after my original call.

Remember this is a Company owned by two major Australian organisations Telstra and News Corporation.

Hi David,

You’ve just sent us a request to help find your lost username. (My lost username. I have been using this email and user name for more than two decades. It was also given to the Philippines based support operator on three occasions).

They go on to say Here it is: [email protected]

Keep it safe and sound

“Your username is a pretty important piece of information”.

In mid-February Foxtel is set to report their latest numbers.

Of late they have been dishing out cheap subscription offers in an effort to lift their subscription numbers that are getting pummelled by Netflix Stan and of late Amazon Prime who unlike Foxtel who charge over $100 for content are charging sub $5 for a subscription that gives one access to thousands of movies.
According to the Financial Review 50% shareholder in Foxtel, Telstra was keen to bring Fox Sports, which is wholly-owned by News Corp, in with the Telstra and News-owned Foxtel through a merger, and the telco would sell down its stake.

An integrated Fox Sports and Foxtel was expected to make the investment more attractive for new shareholders because of the value of live sports in Australia. [Fox Sports has secured long-term agreements for rugby union, National Rugby League, Australian Football League and A-League.]

It is understood in a Foxtel public listing, Telstra would sell down, taking its stake to 19 per cent, News Corp would hold a controlling 51 per cent and 30 per cent would be free float.

That would mean about a $1.5 billion to $2 billion raising, depending on several factors including the new entity’s debt load.

The AFR went on to say that Foxtel needs cash to invest in new technology and fight a wave of disruption from the likes of Netflix and Stan, which is 50-50 owned by Fairfax Media and Nine Entertainment.