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Former Hitachi Exec Jumps Ship To LG Home Appliances

Former senior executive at Hitachi Australia, Frank Malcaus, has jumped ship, following his new appointment as LG Australia’s General Manager of Home Appliance Sales.

Prior to his role at Japanese-based Hitachi, Malcaus worked at Samsung Australia. With over 19 years experience in consumer electronics, he has primarily focused on home appliances.

Coinciding with Malcaus’ appointment, LG Australia’s Murray Richardson has been appointed the company’s Sales Director of Consumer Electronics.

Richardson’s promotion was previously reported by ChannelNews over a month ago.

In his new role, Malcaus will likely take over many of Richardson’s former responsibilities.

[Richardson (left), Malcaus (right)]

Mr Richardson has led LG Australia’s Home Appliance category for over 13 years, as General Manager of Home Appliance Sales and formerly National Manager of Home Appliance Sales.

Speaking of his decision to join LG Australia, Malcaus affirms the company’s “remarkable” “forward-thinking mentality” was an influence:

“I am excited to join the team at LG Electronics Australia. The category has impressive home appliance innovations and the forward-thinking mentality within the business is remarkable”

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with the team, bringing in fresh perspectives to this category and tackling any new challenges that may come our way. Ultimately, at the heart of this role will be ensuring these products continue to help improve the day-to-day lives of Australians”.

Murray Richardson affirms his new position at LG Australia provides a “viable growth opportunity”, and is focused on further growing the company’s local market share:

“This promotion provides a viable growth opportunity and for that I am truly grateful. I am passionate about LG Electronics and the brand in general”

“The company’s philosophy of making people’s lives better resonates with me. In my 13 years at LG Electronics I have seen first-hand the impact our products have on helping improve the lives of Australians”

“I am looking forward to continuing to grow the LG Electronics business in Australia and making a difference in new areas within the organisation”.

LG Australia Managing Director, Mr. Youngik Lee, asserts the two employees’ appointment will provide the company a strong position to further expand in the local marketplace:

“It’s an exciting time for us at LG to announce two appointments. Both employees are highly regarded within the consumer electronics industry”

“For the past 13 years Murray has grown our Home Appliance business and has contributed to the solid position we currently hold in the Home Appliance market within Australia. We are excited for the impact he will have on the rest of LG business in Australia going forward”

“Frank has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Home Appliance categories and we are looking forward to what he will bring to our organisation”.

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