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Fitbit Unveils Alexa-Supported Versa 2 Smartwatch

Fitbit has launched its new smartwatch, the Versa 2, which comes with new improvements including Alexa support, a new AMOLED display, online payment capabilities, music storage, a faster processor and longer battery life.

The new smartwatch is now available for pre-order and goes on sale in Australian stores on September 15 for $379.95 for the special edition and $329 for the standard.

The smartwatch has been designed with touchscreen and voice interactivity in mind – firstly, losing two side buttons from the previous model and instead keeping it to a single trigger which start’s up Alexa.

The Versa 2 lacks a speaker though, so users would need to look at the display to see responses to their queries.

In terms of design, the Versa 2 looks similar to the previous model, but the screen is now 8% bigger and has been upgraded with an “Always-On” display, meaning users no longer need to press a button to see the screen, instead would just need to turn it to their face.


As one would think, this feature would eat up the battery a lot more. Luckily, the new Versa 2 comes with stronger battery life, which Fitbit says should last for over five days on a single charge – a whole day more than the previous model.

The water-resistant device (up to 50m) comes with Connected GPS, as well as activity tracking and a 24/7 heart rate monitor.

Fitbit Pay also comes standard, though only compatible banks are able to use the service.

Along with the Versa 2, Fitbit also unveiled its new pair of smart scales called the Fitbit Aria Air, which allows users to monitor their weight and connect via Bluetooth.

A new full health program service was also announce called Fitbit Premium, which offers weight loss and calorie-counting guides, as well as workouts regimes.

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