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Fibre Connections More Than Double In 12 Months, Downloads Soar

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures released today show that fibre internet connections more than doubled year-on-year to the end of June, while the volume of data downloaded via fixed line broadband grew 51.8 per cent.

The ABS found that there were approximately 13.3 million internet subscribers in Australia at the end of June, an increase of 4.2 per cent year-on-year.

Fibre was the fastest growing type of connection, both in percentage terms and subscriber numbers, with 960,000 subscribers, up from 420,000 year-on-year.

The figures additionally show that DSL subscribers declined from 5.11 million to 5.03 million year-on-year, with cable growing from 996,000 to 1.03 million, and satellite declining from 69,000 to 62,000, while fixed wireless subscribers totalled 83,000.

Mobile wireless subscribers grew from 6 million to 6.04 million year-on-year.

Meanwhile, the total volume of data downloaded in the three months ending June 30 was 2.1 million TB (2.1 EB), with data downloaded via fixed line broadband accounting for 97.7 per cent of all downloads.

By advertised download speed, 7.54 million subscribers were on 24 Mbps or greater, 3.59 million on 8 Mbps to less than 24 Mbps, 1.96 million on 1.5 Mbps to less than 8 Mbps, 101,000 on 256 kbps to less than 1.5 Mbps, and 99,000 on less than 256 kbps.

Total mobile handset subscribers grew from 20.99 million to 21.97 million year-on-year, with a total of 121,147 TB downloaded via mobile handsets for the three months ending June 30, up from 71,572 TB.

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