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Bowers & Wilkins Reveals P9 Signature Headphones

Leading British audio manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins have announced the P9 Signature, described as the company’s best sounding and most luxurious headphones yet.

A result of 50 years of research and innovation, the P9 Signature introduces advanced technology that provides listeners with a unique experience offered by no other product on the market. 

The P9 Signature uses a semi-pistonic diaphragm similar to those used in loudspeaker design, rather than the combined diaphragm and surround with separate suspension of a traditional headphone. This improvement in design allows for higher quality bass and treble performance.

Placement of transducers at a slight angle within the headphones gives the user the impression of listening to a pair of stereo speakers, with levels of imaging, depth and clarity Bowers & Wilkins calls “truly breath-taking”.


Overall design quality adds a high level of comfort and performance to the headphone, constructed with strong aluminium and Italian Saffiano leather. The ear pads feature memory foam, producing a custom-molded fit to the user’s head. The supplied case adds luxurious protection while on the go, and the high performance cables allow listeners to enjoy the P9 Signature wherever they are.

Bowers & Wilkins’ P9 Signature is available this month for a recommended retail price of $1399.95.  



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