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Fetch TV Debuts Voice Control With Google Home Support

From today, users can control their Fetch TV set top box via their voice, following the addition of Google Home support.

Now, users can ditch their remote, and utilise Google Assistant hands-free, as they peruse the device’s media catalog.

The news comes as Google’s ecosystem of connected devices continues to grow, especially highlighted at this month’s CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Fetch TV’s set top boxes can now connect with Google Assistant enabled devices (e.g. Google Home, Google Home Mini).

Users simply need to say “Okay Google, talk to Fetch” to pair the two devices together. Relevant accounts can be linked via Google Home’s mobile app.

Fetch TV offers voice control support for several functions including; changing channels, adjusting volume, pausing Fetch TV, selecting TV shows and launching apps – however searching within streaming platforms (such as Netflix) is not currently available. Reports state this functionality is in development.

Google Home

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