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FDA Approves Parkinson’s Disease Tracker For Apple Watch

Neurology company Rune Labs have had their Parkinson’s Disease tracking software for Apple Watches approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The new software, known as StrivePD, will allow clinicians to track changes in symptoms, tremors and progress of their patients, as well as allow patients to report their symptoms and medication usage.

Patients won’t be required to remember to record symptom and movement fluctuations thanks to the software’s passive data collection.

While the software itself isn’t new, FDA approval will allow clinicians to bill patients for reviewing data and allows the data to be used as clinical trial data.

The software makes use of Apple’s Movement Disorder API which was launched in 2018 to track data for Parkinson’s sufferers.

While the Cupertino based tech company are not directly involved in the software’s development, it has updated its software to match FDA requirements and wrote a letter in support of the software.

Apple have done their own research into Parkinson’s and the potential of the Apple Watch as a tracking tool, reporting in 2021 that the device could accurately measure changes in movement and symptoms.


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