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Devialet Developing In-Seat Sound For Air Travel

French luxury audio company Devialet are looking to replace headphones on airplanes with personal sound-systems that are built into the seat.

The company have partnered with international high-tech company Safran, who are known for developing technology for aviation, to form the ‘Euphyony’ headset free audio solution.

The new design will feature speakers built into the seats themselves, providing users with a high-end, personal speaker system. The seats are set to roll out next year for business and first-class travel.

However, concerns regarding the effectiveness of speakers in combatting plane and engine noise have been raised. As discussed in an article by TechRadar, pilots have made use of noise-cancelling headphones since they were developed by Bose in the late 70s, and are necessary for battling the constant ambient engine and plane noise that comes with air travel.

Speakers don’t have the benefit of the passive noise isolation you get from a pair of physical headphones that cover your ears, which plays a large part in cancelling out ambient noise.

Despite this, Devialet and Safran claim that Euphony is able to “adjust in real time to the audio content and the ambient cabin noise, to offer an optimum listening experience without affecting other passengers on board.”

If this is indeed the case, then the technology is likely to mark the future of premium, and eventually, all air travel entertainment. For now however, it may be worth keeping your headphones handy.

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