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Huawei Ranks Australia 12th In Digital Economy Benchmarking

Huawei Ranks Australia 12th In Digital Economy BenchmarkingHuawei states the GCI benchmarks economies in terms of connectivity, ICT usage and digital transformation, providing an indicator as to which countries are best poised for development and growth, and serving as an ICT planning reference for policymakers looking to embrace the digital economy.

The GCI takes into consideration connectivity encompassing networks, computing and storage, while also emphasising non-infrastructure elements such as service demand and ecommerce activity.

The United States rated top of the benchmarking, with Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Denmark, South Korea, Japan and Norway rounding out the top ten.

Australia ranked one spot below Germany in 12th position.

Chile (20), China (23) and the United Arab Emirates (22) lead the developing markets.

Huawei noted developing market leaders are characterised by strong mobile adoption and overall access often comparable to developed markets, while typically lagging behind in data centre investment and other core elements of ICT infrastructure.

Data centre investment, a major catalyst of cloud proliferation, by developed countries is three times that of developing countries, Huawei stated.

The GCI showed that 20 per cent growth in ICT investment will increase a country’s GDP by 1 per cent.

Five enablers of digital transformation – data centres, cloud services, big data, broadband and the Internet of Things – were identified, with Huawei stating these technologies “represent the targets that stakeholders should focus their investments on in order to most efficiently transform their economies for the digital age”.