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Facebook’s Virtual Reality Quest Proves A Hit

Facebook’s risky Virtual Reality conquest has proven to be a hit. And it’s about time.

It comes nearly six years after the social media giant paid $2 billion to get into the virtual reality sector with its purchase of Oculus, a VR headset and equipment company, for almost double the price it paid for Instagram in 2012 – an already popular free-to-share photo platform that had 30 million users.

The move was risky – the number of people willing to pay such a hundreds of dollars for high-definition displays product to be strapped onto their faces was much less than people willing to share their photos for free.


But Facebook launched their VR program – Quest – in May last year and it has since been a success.

Superdata estimates sales of the Quest device accumulated around 388,000 units by the end of the third quarter – 60 per cent higher than the companies previous ‘Rift’ headset managed during the same life cycle.

Holiday demand is also helping drive up demand and popularity, with the Oculus website revealing the headset is sold out until March this year.

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

But game devices are nothing without games – obviously. Oculus has been developing a new Star Wars game title called ‘Vader Immortal’ with Quest – likely to further help bolster sales given the popularity of the Star Wars franchise recently.

Quest also has a new ‘Half Life’ game series due for release in March, which is a much-loved gaming franchise among PC gamers that hasn’t seen a major release in over a decade.

Facebook’s Quest headset is available for purchase on their official website when stock is becomes available.

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