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Facebook Users Now Allowed Up To Five Profiles

Meta is letting users create multiple profiles with a single Facebook account, in a bid to encourage more interaction on its social network.

The idea is to allow users to decompartmentalise various aspects of their lives, with one profile for work colleagues, another for family, or an alter ego profile they keep separate from both.

They will only be able to comment or ‘like’ posts with their main account, and all sub-profiles will be linked, meaning if you breach the rules on one, it will impact your entire account.

As growth slows among younger users, Facebook is scrambling to introduce new incentives like this to lure users back into the fold.

The company recently went full circle with its ‘student profiles’ feature, that basically allows users to interact with other like-minded students at their schools.

The multiple profiles are in test mode at the moment, and will be rolled out widely should this be something that people want to do.


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