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Facebook To Help Fund Ad Standards In Australia

“When the AANA set-up the self-regulatory system over 20 years ago, virtually all advertising was in traditional media and made via media buying agencies,” AANA CEO John Broome explained.

“Advertisers supporting the self-regulatory system voluntarily pay a small levy on their media spend that is collected on their behalf by members of the Media Federation of Australia.

“At the same time, the increasing migration to digital has led to much more advertising content and hence a greater workload for Ad Standards.

“So, Facebook’s move to directly fund the self-regulatory system will help underpin its future financial sustainability.”

Facebook Australia and New Zealand’s MD, Will Easton, said that, “Australia’s self-regulatory system provides the public with a highly efficient and effective complaints handling service that is one hundred per cent funded by industry.

“We are committed to ensuring that we play an appropriate role in ensuring its funding now and in the future.”

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