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Facebook To Face US Senate Over Election Meddling

Facebook employees are expected to face a US Senate hearing, to testify in an analysis of Russia’s use of its social media platform to influence the result of 2016’s American election.

Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, states that other social media companies, such as Twitter, may also be called upon.

Burr states, “We’re in agreement on a Facebook public hearing. It’s just a question of when and potentially the scope”.

Contrary to his initial response, Facebook’s Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg, has now embraced concerns that his platform may have perpetuated ‘fake news’, now stating he is actively working to remedy it.

Some actions include working alongside news organisations to better identify ‘fake news’ and banning advertising access to accounts which are found to repeatedly spread it.

The social media giant is said to have sent Mr Mueller records on Russian-linked ads placed on its platform during last year’s US election.

Mr Mueller and an accompanying team of investigators are pursuing the Russian-linked investigation, which has brought to light issues about President Donald Trump’s election last year, plus the actions of his staff and involvement of his family.

Just less than a week ago, Facebook revealed $100,000 worth of ads were sold to inauthentic accounts holding links to Russia during the American presidential election. Reports state, Russian representatives also used Facebook Events to organise political protests, with the inclusion of an anti-immigration rally in Idaho last year.

Thus far, Facebook has not offered comment.

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