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Facebook Creates AI Tool To Automatically Fix Bugs

Facebook has created SapFix, an artificial intelligence tool designed to automatically generate fixes for bugs then propose them to engineers.

“With SapFix, smaller teams at Facebook will be able to build products with higher quality at a faster pace. SapFix will accelerate  the process of shipping robust, stable code updates to millions of devices using the Facebook Android app — the first such use of AI-powered testing and debugging tools in production at this scale,” Facebook said in a company blog post.

“We intend to share SapFix with the engineering community, as it is the next step in the evolution of automating debugging, with the potential to boost the production and stability of new code for a wide range of companies and research organisations.”

In other Facebook news, the company is also launching Community Help, a disaster response tool for the Facebook Lite app designed to help users share updates, communicate with others in their communities and find shelters in a crisis such as the natural disasters like Hurricane Florence which are increasingly affecting communities worldwide.

Community Help will be available on Facebook Lite across 100 countries, the company said.



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