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Facebook Blitz Hits Australia

The worldwide PR blitz Facebook launched in April to counter the Cambridge Analytica scandal has finally hit Australia. Facebook is bombing television, digital billboards, bus shelters and other advertising platforms in a bid to stop users leaving the social media network in droves.

In one of its largest ever advertising campaign spends, it is promising Austraian users that it is trying to “get back to what made Facebook good in the first place” – whatever that might have been.

Cambridge Analytica misappropriated the data of 87 million Facebook users during the US presidential campaign in order to spread propaganda and fake news.

In Australia Facebook has about 15 million active monthly users. Since the scandal broke, media here have been awash with articles about how to leave the platform.

The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, CNet and the ABC have all run articles about how to delete your Facebook profile. Natch, Facebook won’t release figures on just how many people have left since the scandal broke, but it has been losing users.

Analysts estimate that in 2017 Facebook lost around five percent of users. It hasn’t affected advertising revenue so far, but the PR campaign is certainly a sign that all is not well in Facebook Land.

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