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Face Recognition Finds Its Way Into The Smart Home

Nortek Security & Control is partnering with Smart Home solutions provider Elan for two new smart home product lines featuring IntelliVision facial recognition technology.

IntelliVision was acquired by Nortek in May and its prime focus is in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics and video Cloud software. IntelliVision launched its facial recognition as a Cloud service last month. 

Nortek has integrated IntelliVision’s technologies into a new line of 8 or 12-inch intelligent touch panels with facial biometrics and voice recognition for controlling smart home systems.

These systems also use analytics to identify individuals and respond with personalised options to launch commands automatically on recognition.

One of the product lines also features a range of indoor and outdoor Elan cameras integrated with advanced motion analytics.

“With the control enabled by face recognition and voice, these new interfaces go way beyond what we’d normally call a ‘touch’ panel,” ELAN Product Manager Jeff Shaw said.

“They are fully interactive control panels that redefine what smart home control can be. With these new intelligent and interactive panels, we’re making the smart home experience more intuitive as well.”

Nortek has partnered with a number of Smart Home product and solutions providers both in the US and internationally, including in Australia. 


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