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iPad To Control Apple HDTV?

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Apple are said to be working on an interface for the iPad which will control the rumoured Apple HDTV, said to be next in the pipeline from the techs at Cupertino.

iPad is tipped to work as a “channel-surfing tool” to run dedicated remote control apps that would link up with Apple TV and enhance the viewer’s experience, reports Apple Insider, citing ‘industry sources.’

The tablet would run special apps that will allow users to scan content through a graphical user interface (GUI) that has been likened to TiVo app and set-box.

Specific channels would have their very own app that displays extra content and information on the iPad including statistics if  watching sports, or other relevant info to the show.

The concept would make sense since Apple is known for its closed OS.

Apple TV set has been on the gossip mill for a while now although nothing official has been confirmed yet.

Apple Chief Tim Cook  says the much hyped Apple TV is a mere “hobby” that pales into comparison with other cult devices like iPhone and iPad.

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