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Sony: “See The Future” Of PlayStation At Feb 20 Event

Sony: "See The Future" Of PlayStation At Feb 20 Event

The trailer is a mash of the PlayStation’s famed gaming icons, dazzling thunder and what can be perceived as an opaque console bearing a stark resemblance to the shape of Sony’s second generation PlayStation.

Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes the fact Sony has invited investors “means console announcement.” We can’t be sure, but Sony has been making moves indicative of a new console launch. For starters, the company discontinued global supply of the PS2 and as it enters its seventh year of noble service, the PlayStation 3 has undergone its third price-friendly redesign. By killing the PS2 and overhauling the PS3, it appears Sony is making room for a new premium console and easing the PS3’s transition into a budget buy.

Prior to the revealing tweet from Sony, executives teased a new PlayStation console could be launched at any time this year, including the upcoming E3 event. However, The Verge reports the company’s previous console launch, the PlayStation Vita, was announced ahead of E3 on the 27th of January, 2011.