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Extended TikTok Video Length Spells Trouble For YouTube

With TikTok extending their video length limit from three minutes to 10 minutes, industry experts are saying it could impact adversely on YouTube’s usage on the small screen, and ad revenue, attracting growth from a new user base for TikTok.

TikTok’s short-form format made it very popular very quickly among a younger demographic, but their move to longer videos, while sure to retain users, will also bring in older users as they will evolve the content presented, and help TikTok own the small screen.

It is pointed out that TikTok is mostly mobile traffic. On the other hand, YouTube is accessed via mobile by 22 per cent of users.

When new users cross over, YouTube’s ad revenue will be placed in peril.

Notably, a lot of YouTube searches are “How-to”. While there is already a certain amount of this on TikTok, such as cooking clips which led sacked marketing chief Nick Tran to plot to open a chain of TikTok Kitchens, longer format clips will allow more successful executions of these, again bringing over new users.

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