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EXCLUSIVE: Norton Axe Dud Core Security Router Worldwide

The Norton Core Security Router has been axed worldwide after Just months in the market.

Mid last year Symantec was touting their Norton Core as a breakthrough networking product with claims that it was a router and security gateway but there a snag you had to fork out a subscription fee after the first year of use.

According to sources the big security Company is set to abandon the product globally because of a lack of interest from consumers

Launched at CeBIT to a select group of journalists, Symantec spent millions worldwide marketing the product that was initially sold exclusively at Harvey Norman in Australia. It was the first consumer hardware product that Symantec had launched into the consumer market.

According to sources the overpriced ‘Secure Wi Fi Router’ has failed to attract the interest of customers not only in Australia but worldwide.

Harvey Norman has already started clearing the product for $298. When it went on sale in June 2018 the retail price was $399.

ChannelNews was the first media Company in Australia to reveal the router and network security solution we also questioned it’s ability.

At the time Norton claimed it was “the most secure router on the market”, with the Core set to inspect every packet of data that passes through it for known pieces of malware.

The Company said that the device would give them an edge over competitors and that users could install an unlimited number of Windows, Apple and Android devices.

Out of the box, the Norton Core looked like no other router and when we did inspect the device it was simply a router with a piece of Norton Security software built in that was going to cost users around $85 a year to update.

The device was also devoid of mesh networking technology.

Technically, the Core router was 100% “mesh network ready” however, this capability required a future firmware update which Norton have not delivered in the Australian market.

The Norton Core Security software was also missing Norton Wi-Fi Privacy, the company’s standalone VPN software product, for this you had to pay an additional $75 a year.

This is a product that was a dud to start with and consumers have seen right through the Norton spin for the device.