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EXCLUSIVE: Narta to Range New Blaupunkt Range After CES Reveal

German brand Blaupunkt is back in business in Australia with a new range of sound and later this year display products, with several key retailers set to range the brand which at one stage was a dominant brand in Australia.

Now distributed by Anoyz a Company established by a former Tempo executive the range will also consist of DAB Radio’s and a range of soundbars announced. lau
One of the Dolby Atmos sound bar will wireless connection directly into a new Blaupunkt Premium $K HDR TV range that is set to be announced at CES.

Among the organisations set to range the new Blaupunkt range is NARTA whose members include JB Hi Fi, Bing Lee, Betta Electrical and several other consumer electronics retailers.

According to Anoyz director Ziad Yaacoub the new Blaupunkt range which has been designed in Europe is “cutting edge” and “extremely stylish”.

ChannelNews will have exclusive access to the range at CES later today.

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