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UPDATED: EXCLUSIVE Blaupunkt OZ TV’s Not Certified As Android TV’s By Google

UPDATED: EXCLUSIVE Blaupunkt OZ TV’s Not Certified As Android TV’s By Google

Mystery surrounds the sudden overnight listing of Blaupunkt TV’s for the Australian market on an unapproved Google Android TV manufacturers site.

Sydney based distributor Ayonz whose TV’s were dropped by JB Hi Fi and then Bing Lee after poor performance reports on Product Review is now spruiking the possibility of a return to the market in 2020 with an approved Android TV the only problem is that the official Google Android TV site has no listing for a Blaupunkt branded TV or for a Blaupunkt branded Android TV box despite the Company selling Android TV’s to retailers in Australia earlier this year.

The CEO of Ayonz is Ziad Yaacoub, and when we first wrote this story no Blaupunkt TV was listed in a second site listed here for a Google TV. (See site here).

Within 30 minutes of our story going live last night we were contacted by one Ziad Kalach who claimed that he was the one who produced the unofficial web site listing of what he claims are Android TV approved vendors.

With half an hour Blaupunkt Australia was added to the list despite the criteria for a Google approved Android TV certification being a minimum of 50,000 units.

According to our research Blaupunk Australia has not shipped 2,000 units into Australia.

Nor has Google ever been shown a Blaupunkt TV or had one of their questionable TV’s submitted to Google for approval.

Several brands are listed on the unofficial site despite the producer of the site having no official or unoffical relationship with Google. It appears that he simply scapes web sites and trawls the web looking for an Android TV listing which includes brands which Google have NOT approved such as Blaupunkt.

Ayonz has not explained why they claimed that they are an official Android TV partner of Google or whether they approched Ziad Kalach to det an unoffical listing right after our story appeared.

The Blaupunkt V’s removed from The Good Guys and JB Hi Fi were labelled as Android TV’s, ChannelNews understands that the TV’s that are manufactured in budget Chinese TV factories were running none approved versions of the Google owned Android TV OS as well as a none approved for TV Netlix app vs the approved Netflix service.

See Official Google TV partners here (scroll to bottom of official Google site for Android TV listing).

Another Android TV partner listing site also fails to list Blaupunkt as an approved brand.

Ayonz has also not explained why the value range of Blaupunkt TV’s have been stripped from the Australian market as competitors crank up supply to retailers in time for the peak buying period. This is the peak buying period for TV’s in Australia.


Does Your Blaupunkt TV look like this with ribbon scrolling and the ability to voice search movies.?

Earlier today Ayonz issued a statement to an appliance publication in an effort to mask the impact of our exclusive ChannelNews story which revealed that Bing Lee had discontinued the Blaupunkt TV range ahead of the peak buying period.

ChannelNews is aware that Ayonz has been spruiking the 2020 Blaupunkt brand to other retailers but at this stage it appears that they are struggling to get the Blaupunkt TV’s ranged in Australia.

One insider said “No one drops a TV weeks out from the peak buying period unless there are supply problems or they are getting high returns”.

Earlier today Ayonz spruiked to Appliance Retailer that Blaupunkt TV who they claim is an “Official Android TV partner” is also set to range a Google Assistant Android TV box but the official Android TV site does not list under either set top boxes or Google Assistant boxes for the Asia Pacific market Blaupunkt or Ayonz despite more than 40 approved boxes being listed on this site.

Blaupunkt and Ayonz are also not listed as an official OEM of Android TV.

See Android TV boxes listed here (This site claims not to be an official Google Site despite listing approved brands. 

ChannelNews has asked Google as to whether they are set to investigate the claims being made by Ayonz.

Ayonz who in the past we have asked for a review sample of their Android TV’s has refused to supply a sample despite several promises in the past to supply us with a sample.

At the time we wanted to check whether the brand was operating an official Android TV OS or were running an app designed for mobile phones. The TV’s dropped from both Bing Lee and JB Hi Fi were running Netflix apps designed for a mobile phone.

ChannelNews has also asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission as to whether consumers are being misled by brands who claim they are Android TV certified when the Google official web site fails to list their brand or products.

ChannelNews is also investigating the implications for retailers selling none approved Android TV’s.

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