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Blaupunkt Dumped By Bing Lee After Complaints

They stormed into the market promising retailer’s great sales now distributor Ayonz is facing a retailer backlash with both JB Hi-Fi and Bing Lee dumping the Sydney Distributors Blaupunkt TV’s.

Initially, it was JB Hi-Fi who stopped ranging the cheap Chinese made TV’s that are labelled with the German name Blaupunkt.

Their decision was made when the retailer introduced the new Falcon range of TV’s made by TCL who unlike Blaupunkt actually manufacture their own TV’s and have an extensive customer service operation in place.

A visit to the Bing Lee site has revealed that the NSW retailer has discontinued stocking the Blaupunkt TV’s that have been attracting negative comments on forums because of poor after-sales service when problems have arisen with the Ayonz supplied models.

Executives from Ayonz have not commented nor has Bing Lee explained why the Blaupunkt TV’s are still listed on their site but when a consumer clicks through for information on the TV, they are told that the TV is discontinued at the mass retailer.

The Blaupunkt range which was only introduced back into the Australian market last year has been attracting negative reviews for several months with consumers on the independent review’s web site Product Review highly critical.

Some consumers who have taken to the site are reporting what can only be described as a “Shocking experience”.

Under the headline, Blaupunkt: BP6500AU9000 TV; Purchased At Bing Lee

Ash 2000 wrote ‘We bought this TV from Bing Lee at Campbelltown NSW on 14/6/18, On 18/6/18, the volume button on the tv wouldn’t disappear from the screen no matter what we did. The store helped us to troubleshoot and it was finally fixed by 19/6/18.

Had 1 good day of viewing until 20/6/18, when the tv started pixelating in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The store changed it over to a 2nd TV.

On the 21/6/18, the 2nd TV began pixelating in the same top right-hand corner. We were not impressed with 2 TV’s of the same brand having the same problem.

We rang the store again and they agreed to bring out a 3rd TV.

We connected the 3rd tv and this was the worst one of the lot (Pixilation) they claimed.

“Do not even consider buying a Blaupunkt tv brand with a model of BP6500AU9000 as this is not a good TV. It is a cheap tv for a reason. Stay well enough away from it. It’s not worth your time as we are very, very frustrated. It has taken the joy of buying a new tv to an all-time low.