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Expensive TUMI Smartphone Covers Made By Speck Coming Soon

JB Hi Fi could soon be selling a new premium phone cases after TUMI cut a deal with smartphone cover maker Speck but the end product could be expensive in Australia.

TUMI, the global travel and lifestyle brand whose products are expensive has collaborated with Speck to create cases that meet the high speck criteria to be associated with their brand.

The bag Company is applying premium materials to Speck’s patented co-moulded construction methods for covers.

ChannelNews understands that the move also opens up new retail opportunities for Speck with the covers set to be sold in TUMI shops across Australia.

“This is a natural partnership for two brands with a shared mission to protect the things that matter to consumers, from their most personal belongings to the technology they can’t live without,” said Speck.

President Robert Hales.

“Speck’s in-house designers closely collaborated with TUMI to create a premium line of cases that reflects TUMI’s iconic brand and meet its quality and durability standards.”

“Mobile communication has always been an important part of the global travel lifestyle and with Speck’s expertise in the tech accessory space, TUMI will be able to further strengthen our brand’s

presence in the mobile lifestyle market,” said Victor Sanz, Creative Director of TUMI.

The entire line of TUMI mobile device accessories is expected to range in price starting at $90 and will be available globally in TUMI retail stores as well as its global ecommerce platforms.