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Jawbone Comes Up With Another ‘Cracker’ Product

Jawbone Comes Up With Another

The noise cancelling device sits alongside the Companies highly popular Jawbone Up System which work via a wristband that tracks of how you’re spending your days. Active time, idle time, calories burned at work and calories burned at rest are among the many things you can learn about with this device.

During the past 18 their Jambox speaker has been a top seller at retailers both before and after the introduction of their Bluetooth range.
According to Jawbone executives that were in Australia last week the Company is witnessing growth from their premium product range and with the introduction of the Jawbone Up system the San Francisco based Company has moved to employ analysts so that vast amounts of data can be analysed in the interest of “delivering better devices but better lifestyle information that improves consumer fitness” said Jorgen Norden head of channel partner development.

Norden said that doctors are now giving Jawbone Up devices to patents so that they can track whether patents are undertaking fitness programs. “Our software allows a medical practitioner to send an alert to a patent if they are falling behind in their fitness program” he said.

The Jawbone UP Insight Engine takes a consumers unique patterns to suggest daily goals like moving more, drinking more water and, yes, suggesting better sleep patterns. The daily prompts remind you, in the midst of your harried life, just how important those little goals can be. And sometimes it’s keeping track of the little things that help you keep in line with the big picture Norden claimed.

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Norden said that some staff at Jawbone came from LM Ericcson one of the Companies that developed Bluetooth technology. It is this technology that is now delivering a new level of performance in the Jawbone reengineered Bluetooth earpiece that comes with a carry case that has its own internal battery, recharging the headset whenever it’s not in use for a total of 10 hours’ talk or music time.

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A key element of the new Jawbone offering is a new wide-band headphone driver that delivers a lot more bass from what is a tiny, battery-powered headphone.

A skin sensor on the inner edge of the ERA knows when you’re wearing the headset, this allows the device to stay on even if you’re not actively listening to audio. The sensor automatically sends the device to sleep soon after you take it off to preserve battery life. 

In the one that we tested delivered high-quality HD Voice calls via the Telstra network we were also able to test the HD voice quality on the Optus network using the new HTC M8 smartphone. 
The bottom line is this device is not cheap at $179 complete with its accompanying charging case which is available in four colours – black, silver, bronze and red. The investment is well worth while as this is one of the best Bluetooth earpieces we have ever tested.

If you don’t want the extra battery life of the charger, you can buy the ERA headset alone for $149.
The device will be available at Apple stores and other retailers as well as at jawbone.com on April 30.