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Ericsson Wins Telstra 5G Contract After Huawei Ban

Telstra has appointed Swedish telco Ericsson its key 5G technology partner, as its seeks to emerge a market leader in Australia’s 5G network build.

The news comes two months after the Australian government confirmed its decision to ban Chinese telcos (e.g. Huawei and ZTE) from bidding on the local 5G network build.

The news strengthens an existing relationship between Telstra and Ericsson, after launching the Gold Coast 5G innovation centre, and collaborating on the first 5G data call on a commercial mobile network.

Telstra hopes 5G will be a turning point for the telco, as it seeks to outperform Vodafone-TPG and Optus, amid a falling share price, NBN related issues and intense mobile competition.

In a statement, Ericsson claims the companies will ensure Australia is at the “cutting edge” of mobile tech, with an end-to-end 5G ecosystem.

Penn claims Telstra’s partnership with Ericsson has already birthed nearly 40 world and local firsts.

The announcement also coincides with Telstra’s 50th 5G-enabled site launch in Australia.

Ericsson has reportedly worked with Telstra to ensure Perth, Adelaide and Canberra are among the first to upgrade to 5G technology.

As previously reported, Huawei is tipped to be among the first smartphone vendors to release a 5G-supported phone in the world, launching sometime next year.


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