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Epic Games Takes Apple Legal Fight To The ACCC

Games developer Epic Games has taken its legal fight against Apple to the Australian market regulator, the ACCC.

The creator of Fortnite, which is currently locked in a battle with Apple over its control of games in the App Store, today filed a submission to the ACCC’s app marketplaces review.

Epic told the consumer watchdog that Apple’s ‘unrestrained market power’ is suppressing competition and innovation in the app market and complained the 30 per cent ‘Apple tax’ the tech giant charges app creators is far too high.

“Apple’s conduct is symptomatic of unrestrained market power that results in significant harm to Australian consumers and the competitive process. In the absence of these anticompetitive restraints, app developers would have a greater ability to distribute their apps, leading to increased competition and innovation to the benefit of Australian consumers,” Epic’s submission reads.

Epic Games had already brought its legal dispute over the App Store to Australia after it filed a lawsuit with the Federal Court of Australia and alleges Apple “illegally forces” it and other app developers to only use the App Store to distribute software applications and to only use Apple’s payment system for purchases.

Epic said in a press statement the ACCC submission aims to raise concerns about the monopolistic market power in Australia through app stores run by companies like Apple or Google.

“The legal proceedings and the submission to the ACCC filed by Epic are important steps in a global movement to curb app marketplaces’ monopolistic practices for the benefit of consumers and developers,” the company said.

In Epic’s legal battle in the US, a judge presiding over hearings in the Apple vs. Epic Games case ruled Apple CEO Tim Cook must attend a seven-hour long deposition to testify about how the company views App Store competition.

More to come.

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