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Epic Games Blocked From Taking Apple To Court

Epic Games, the maker of videogame Fortnite, has been blocked from taking Apple to court in the UK as part of its global fight against the tech giant.

Epic’s landmark suit against Apple came after Fortnite was pulled from the app store when it broke rules about in-app purchases.

The video game giant claims Apple has unfair control over apps in the iPhone and iPad app store and alleges the California-based company is breaking competition law by forcing users to fork out a 30 per cent fee for all in-app purchases.

However, a tribunal has ruled Epic Games is unable to take Apple to a UK court. The tribunal found the ‘out of jurisdiction’ US company could not be dealt with in a British court.

Judge Justice Roth said he was ‘far from persuaded’ that the UK was the best place for the Epic-Apple dispute to be brought in front of a court of law, BBC reports.

Epic Games also brought the suit to Australia in November 2020 after suing Apple in the Federal Court.

The Australian lawsuit alleges Apple’s app store policies breaches the Competition and Consumer Act (CCA) and Australian Consumer Law.

Epic CEO and founder Tim Sweeney told the AFR his company was not suing Apple for monetary damages but was seeking a ruling to benefit all independent software makers in the future.

Apple has sought a dismissal over the lawsuit in Australia, however a judge has not yet ruled on whether it will be brought to court.

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