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Electronics Banned On Flights To The US

US authorities are set to prevent passengers on flights from 13 countries from carrying on most electronic devices, including laptops, tablets and portable games consoles.

Airlines flying from some countries in the Middle East and Africa to the US must require all electronic devices larger than a mobile phone be put into checked luggage, according to a confidential email from the US Transport Safety Adminstration (TSA) obtained by the Guardian.

Over a dozen airlines are expected to be affected, including Saudia Airlines and Royal Jordanian, but it remains unclear what specific airlines and countries the ban will apply to.

According to The Guardian, airlines have been given 96 hours to comply with the new rule. Medical devices are expected to be exempt from the rule.

Officials told Reuters that the ban will be put in place to counteract an unspecified terrorism threat, with an official announcement expected by the US Department of Homeland Security soon.

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