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ELAC Launches Uni-Fi Reference Line Of Speakers

ELAC has announced a line of home speakers under the Uni-Fi Reference umbrella.

The speakers incorporate a “variety of performance and cosmetic improvements” over the 2.0 series.

“This new line removes the price limitations of the Uni-Fi 2.0 series along with the technical barriers associated with that price point,” said James Krodel, senior vice president sales, ELAC.

“The Uni-Fi Reference series offers significant performance improvements such as cast chassis for both the concentric and bass drivers, newly developed bass and concentric drivers, enhanced bracing, improved crossover design, along with luxury cosmetics”

The new Uni-Fi Refence line-up includes a wide-surround tweeter to enhance low and high frequency extension, an entirely new mid-range driver with a large diameter voice coil, and ‘neodymium magnet’ to allow for better control of mid-range frequencies, and new 5.25” and 6.5” aluminum woofers to improve low-end reproduction.

Three varieties will be available in late June.

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