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Dyson Puts The Cool Back Into Cooling Fans

Dyson Puts The Cool Back Into Cooling Fans

Not content with their early cooling products the Company has just rolled out a brand new Dyson Cool AM06 product that is quieter and cheaper to run than prior fans from Dyson. 

At Dyson functionality is key and that is evident when you talk to Dyson executives who spent 40 minutes recently explaining the dynamics of the new AM06.

The passion and enthusiasm dished out by Brit, James Dyson the CEO and Chief Designer of the Companies award winning products appears to have rubbed off on his staff who firmly believe in what the Company delivers.
Dyson who acquired one of the last of the famous British Harrier jump jets and then parked it in the Company car park in Bristol has just spent $74M developing his new product that delivers a 75% sound reduction over the prior model, more than 60 engineers worked on the new model. 

Inside the Dyson sound labs are the latest in audio testing gear and by constantly testing the sound output Dyson and his team discovered what is now known as the Helmholtz cavity which is now built into the base of each Dyson fan.

The cavity reduces noise dramatically and during a recent demonstration in Sydney we saw firsthand the dramatic transformation when the principles of the Helmholtz cavity were applied.

Constant research and a feedback from customers led to the new design which was developed after customers asked for both a noise reduction on the previous model and a sleep timer.

The unlock key to reducing the noise level was the installation of a Helmholtz cavity into the base of the fan. The small chamber disrupts the path of the soundwaves when it passes through a passage – built into the housing of the AM06.

Another key design change from the previous model is the introduction of an asymmetric bezel and a larger space for airflow at the base of the fan’s loop. This allows air to escape with fewer obstructions, reducing turbulence — and, in turn, noise.

The fan retails for $449, for the AM07 tower fan and $649 for the AM08 pedestal fan.