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ECOVACS ‘Wet & Dry’ Robo Vac Lands In Oz

Heralded a global leader in home robotics and robo vacuums, Ecovacs has officially launched in Australia with the release of its dual function ‘wet n dry’ Deebot Ozmo 930.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 930 functions as both a vacuum and a mop, featuring an electronically controlled 300mL water tank which moistens a washable cloth whilst cleaning. Consumers can adjust the level of water dispensed via the accompanying ECOVACS ROBOTICS app.

Using the ECOVACS ROBOTICS app, users can schedule, clean and monitor the robo vac’s cleaning status from any global location.

The 930 utilises Ecovacs’ proprietary SMART NAVI technology, to “scan, map and plan” an efficient cleaning path throughout the home customised to “every situation” and most floor types.

The robo vac customises suction according to the floor type and utilises Carpet Detection Technology to protect carpets and rugs whilst mopping.

Ecovacs’ Deebot Ozmo 930 is compatible with Google Home, and is scheduled to receive a firmware update early next year to enable full functionality.

ECOVACS ROBOTICS Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Damian Commane, affirms that the brand has experienced significant success internationally, is ready to make a mark in Australia:

“Looking to a market more closely aligned to Australia, and sales of the recently introduced DEEBOT OZMO 930 have been particularly strong in the German market. The country has a well-known reputation for early adoption of innovative technologies, and given the similarity of household environments between the two countries, we are very positive”

“Our brand values are very much focused around improving the lives of our customers “,“ added Commane

“As a recognised market of significance for us, we are very hopeful that Australians will embrace the innovation that we are introducing to the market”

“The DEEBOT OZMO 930 is the ideal solution for people looking to save time on household chores. In the end, all of the research and effort put into creating the advanced features you will find in an Ecovacs Robotics vacuum are ultimately designed to give people time back to do the things they love with the people they love”.

Additional Product Specifications:

– Stair Safety Technology
– Obstacle Detection Technology
– High-Efficiency Filter (to reduce airborne elements related to allergies and asthma)
– Auto Start at One Touch

Ecovacs’ DEEBOT OZMO 930 is exclusively available from Harvey Norman nationwide on December 1st for RRP$1,299.

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