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Ebay Live Brings Real-Time Auctions Online

Ebay has long been the leader of online auctions, but the process has remained rather static over the years.

The company has announced eBay Live, a dedicated platform that moves online auctions closer to a live, interactive environment. Basically, the company wants to capture the real-world excitement of an auction.

The marketplace will launch with “a curated selection of highly-coveted and rare trading cards from top eBay seller Bleecker Trading” including a 1995 Topps Finest Michael Jordan M1 Red Bordered Refractor PSA 9 MINT and a 1998 Kobe Bryant Skybox That’s Jam PSA 10.

“eBay has always been the original home for trading cards and collectibles,” said Dawn Block, VP Collectibles, Electronics and Home at eBay.

“As the collector community grows, we’re offering a new live platform that combines an engaging environment with incredible ease, allowing our community to come together over shared interests and merchandise. Currently in beta, eBay Live will deliver a more streamlined, entertaining and sophisticated way for our community to connect, buy and sell.”

The retailer wants shoppers to “engage with products as if they’re in a traditional offline shop” and will launch on June 23, at 5am AEST.

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